Sewing Portfolio 2

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Outfits I've made for myself since 2007:

1930's blouse - September 2011

Bride's Maid's dress - May 2011

Edwardian skirt 1900's  - March 2011

Renaissance Nobles Surcoat 1500's - June 2010

Back of Renaissance Nobles Surcoat 1500's - June 2010

1810 "Jane Austen" regency spencer and bonnet (January 2010)
to go with the dress made in 2008 (see below)

1860's day bodice and bonnet of taffeta and velvet (December 2008)
(I used the same skirt from my ball gown)

1810 "Jane Austen" Regency dress (April 2008)

1905 "lawn" dress of voile and lace(February 2008)

1860's Ball Gown of lavender taffeta (Oct 2007)

1950's Style summer dress (April 2007)

Outfits I've made for Others since 2007 (to see older ones, click here):

Child's Victorian/Civil War/Dickens 1860's - October 2011

Victorian Wedding Dress - May 2011

Ring Bearer's vest - May 2011

Disney's Rapunzel - February 2011

Birthday Dress - October 2010

1890's, early 1900's day dress (November 2009)

1890's day dress (May 2009)

1860's girls day dress (August 2008)

1912 "Titanic" Outfit (July 2008)
Yes, it's the same as the teal one below. The customer loved the teal one so much, she wanted the same dress in a different color.

1912 "Titanic" Outfit (June 2008)

1905 Embroidered skirt (May 2008)

1905 Child's special occasion dress (April 2008)

Belly Dancing or Gypsy outfit (Feb 2008)

Renaissance Outfit (Feb 2008)

1880's Bustle Dress (Nov 2007)

Medieval Style dress for a Red Hat Convention (Oct 2007)
(Yes, the velvetine is a deep purple, it just looks navy blue in the picture)

Modern Summer dress (Summer 2007)

Character Costume for Anime convention (Feb 2007)

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Unknown said...

Did you create the 1860s girls day dress pattern or is it available for purchase somewhere? It's absolutely beautiful!