Automobile Museum 1908 Fashion Show - April 12, 2008

My daughter, Sara, and I participated in a fashion show for Lady Carolyn. The fashion show was for the "Gilded Age" of 1900 - 1915 and was held at the Automobile Museum here in Reno. There were four other ladies besides Sara and I and Lady Carolyn. We were all dressed in clothing from 1905 - 1912.

This was Sara's second fashion show and she was a huge hit, of course. I made Sara's dress out of the left over materials from my dress so we matched as mother and daughter.

[My apologies for the bad quality of some of these photos. They were the only ones that were taken.]

1905 girl's special occasion dress

1905 mother and daughter lawn dresses

1908 lawn dress
(this is an original dress and was originally worn by my great, great, great aunt Margaret)

1910 walking dress

1912 "Titanic" dress
(fashioned after the dress worn by "Rose" when she boarded the ship in the movie Titanic)

1900 "Gibson Girl" or "powder pigeon" evening dress

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