GBACG Gilded Age Tea Feb. 9, 2008

The Gilded Age Tea with the Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild (GBACG) at the Palace Hotel's Garden Court in San Francisco, CA. Three other ladies and I attended this tea. This was an unusual event for us in that we did not stand out as usual. The reason being, everyone was required to be in costume in order to attend. The "Gilded Age" was from 1900 - 1915, so all costumes were required to be from this time period. It was absolutely breathtaking to be having tea in the Garden Court with so many other people in costume.

These are some individual portraits for the four of us ladies at The Inn San Francisco, the lovely bed and breakfast where we stayed.

No, I don't play anything but Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - but it makes a great picture

Carolyn's driving outfit. Looks rather weird today, but that's what they would have worn in 1908.

Comely Carolyn

Fabulous Frankie

Marvelous Maridy

Pretty Peggy

A lovely study

The four of us ladies ready for tea.

Here's what we would have looked like 100 years ago!

These are pictures of the Gilded Tea, the Palace Court, and the other tea patrons.

Tea patrons

More beautiful tea patrons

Ready for tea

An original dress

Another original outfit - the gentleman in the back also is wearing an original uniform

Finally, after all the socializing, we get some tea (notice the nearly identical expressions on Carolyn and I - yes, we are mother and daughter)

The Garden Court - our tables were the white covered ones on the right.

There were at least 60 people in attendance and in the required costumes. Beautiful!

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