Valhalla Renaissance Faire 6-5-2010

The GBCS attended the Valhalla Renaissance Faire at Camp Richardson, Lake Tahoe, CA. It was wonderful to walk around faire and enjoy all the sights and sounds and to experience that through the eyes of my 4 1/2 year old. Oh, and to show off my new costume, of course. My mom had made a new one fore Sara, and not to be outdone, I had to whip one up for myself. I love it. And it only cost me the cost of the material (which I got on sale) since I already had everything else in my stock of stuff.

Finishing up my costume at my mom's house the night before

New mother/daughter nobles outfits

Sara, age 4 1/2

The French Princess was so very impressed with Sara's outfit and manners. She gave her a faire favor immediately.

The shows were a favorite with the youngest member of our group

Whispering secrets or trading insults, you never can tell with those two.

Cabbage bowling

At the joust

At the joust

Queen Elizabeth

Kids Court - getting to meet the queen

Playing bones

Learning to tat

Taking a stroll

Lady Carolyn tries her luck and skill at archery.

Belly Dancers

Sara's reaction to the belly dancers

Three generations

The kid's costume contest - Sara did not win, even though she was the best dressed, hands down. But when you are friends with some of the judges, it would have seemed rigged, so we understood.

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