Costume College 2011

In July of 2011, seven ladies from Northern Nevada loaded up in my mom's van and drove down to LA for Costume College. It was my first year, and we had a blast! There were many, many wonderful classes, great people, and lots of opportunities to dress in costume. What a fun weekend!

On our way down south!

My mom teaching one of her classes.

The first main night of the weekend, they always have an Ice Cream Social. It is a time for everyone to dress up if they want to and socialize. I decided to wear Vintage 1940's.
Regina and I dressed for the Ice Cream Social.

I just had to take a picture of these two. It was literally about two weeks before this event that I even learned who Dr Horrible is!

This gals wings were awesome!

My mom and I at the Ice Cream Social

LOVE this gal's hat!

Tron costume. All the light up bits were EL wire. It was a great costume.

Loved everything about this gal's outfit!

Victorian Vampire Slayer!

Steampunk Ghostbuster!
The next set of pictures are some of the things you'll see during the day at CoCo.

In a class - looks like she's doing the macarena, but really she's showing us her sleeves ;-)

Class time. This is one I passed by. Notice the gal in center in yellow. That's a costume. Some people wore costumes all the time.

This hat was in the exhibit hall. Beautiful!
Gala night pictures!
Getting ready for the Gala.

Lisa and I fixing Mom's dress. Have there ever been two such well dressed servants?
Mom sure is having fun!

This dress has inspired me to make whatever it is I am making for next year's Gala!

Hmmmmm...maybe that's why mom was having so much fun in that other pic!



Mom and I

Lisa and I - the Regency girls

Paige, Lisa, Sherry, Me, Mom, and Regina - 6 of the ladies who came from Northern Nevada (Jennie had already gone to bed)

With my masquerade mask

Silly Lisa!
The next day...
My hair for the afternoon tea. Had to do it early b/c I wouldn't have time later. Found these flowers in the hospitality suite on a food tray. They matched that day's mundane outfit beautifully!

Going to classes. Had to be dressed early if I didn't want to miss some great classes.

Regina and I waiting to go into Tea.

During Tea

Other Tea Patrons

Taking some time out later in the day to do some journaling.
On our last day, we took the day to go shopping in the Fabric District. 

A trim store! Each one of those boxes had trims and appliques an buttons, etc. There was an example glued or taped to the front of the box. It was like a treasure hunt!

This is the fabric my mom found for 2012's Gala dress.

The fabric I found for my 2012 Gala dress

When you buy this much fabric, it takes teamwork to get it folded!

Take a close look. Yes, the last person is standing in the hall. An yes, this fabric is already doubled over. That's a lot of fabric!
It was tons of fun. And here it is already February of 2012. I am researching patterns and styles to see what I want to make out of that beautiful silver fabric. It's gonna be another awesome year!

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