Which to choose?

 I went to Costume College last summer for the first time. Those of us from Nevada who were there decided to make new outfits for this coming year's Gala night. We decided to make outfits in Nevada's Blue and Silver. Doesn't matter what time period or style, so long as we all coordinate with colors. So, here's my dilemma: I don't know what style dress to make. So, below, I've compiled a photolisting of the style of dresses that make me drool and that I think will look good with my fabric (and on me!). I also want something that is Gala-worthy. Meaning that it will stand out among the crowd. It needs to be something that either has a bodacious quality to it, or a superior workmanship quality to it, or just simply extremely lovely.

I need your help. Please help me decide which style to make.(Oh, and I'll also be wearing this on my cruise with my mom in May!)

This is a picture of my fabric. In real life, it's more silvery and  the embroidered "leaves" have more of a blue sheen to them. The under fabric is a pearly silver (I can't remember if it just looks more white in the picture, or if we chose a different shade than what's in this picture.) I will have royal blue accents to bring in the Nevada Blue.

 The first few dresses are from the late 1800's (1890-1900). This is one of my favorite eras.

#1 This one's pretty easy to imagine since it's the right color already. I love all the flowers on it. And it definitely makes a statement. Which a Gala dress should. I love the form fitted bodice, all the swag, and the neckline. And wouldn't you know it, this is a Worth gown. I've always loved (most of) their gowns!

#2 - I love the overall style of this. I love the simple lines, yet the beautiful fabric gives it elegance. I could also see this one with some blue fabric flowers around the neckline. However, I think my fabric is too busy to put blue flowers on around the skirt like these silver ones, so not sure how else I would bring in the blue (unless it's a very Worth style smattering of flowers wherever I think looks good! ;-)

#3 - Again, I love the simplicity of this one. Yet it is elegant at the same time. I also love the neckline treatment of this one with the shear sleeves. And I love that one bodacious flower on the bodice. Oh, I also love that the bodice is not typical. (btw, in case you're wondering, yes, this is a Worth gown!)

 Now we're getting into a different Era. I love this era, too (1910's) and I think it's appropriate since this year is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. And therein lies one of my dilemmas; there will probably be quite a few Titanic Era dresses this coming year at CoCo. If I want my costume to stand out, should I do that era?

#4 - I love that this one combines the 1910's era dress with the 1890 dress at the beginning (#1) with the swag and the flowers. I do not like the neckline on this one, but that's be easy enough to alter. I also like that it's actually fitted through the bodice.

#5 - (the one on the right) I love that swag in the front, the shear sleeves, and the overall style. It's soft and inviting, but still elegant.

#6 - I actually like the sleeves on this one. Reminds me of "butterfly sleeves". I also like the lifted front to reveal the under layer.

#7  - (the one on the right) - After some of the others, this one seems a little ho-hum, until I imagine it in my silver fabric as the overlay with the royal blue as the bandeau, and possibly even the underskirt.
 Ok, now you've seen them all. Let me know which one you all like the best!


Christense Andersen Jiang said...

I like them all, but I like the first one best. Go bold or go home! I can't imagine making any of these myself, so three cheers for you! Whichever you choose, please post pictures!

Yolanda said...

I like 1 and 2. Your fabric is perfect for 1. Keep 2 in mind for next time!

Lois Hudson said...

I like #3 best of all, but as others have said, with the fabric, #1 would be my choice. But would you need all the extra ornamentation with the beautiful fabric you have? Maybe just one strategically placed rose. Think of what movement you will need at the gala (regarding the trains - #2seems excessive and vulnerable to being stepped on or soiled.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maridy! All would look good, but I really like #6 with the idea of using a blue "strip" on the under layer where the darker color is, with more of the sheer attached to the bottom of the blue and the underlay. You could easily use small blue gemstones or buttons in the center(s) of the swags, and compliment it with your jewelry - very breathtaking and elegant! It would look great on you!

Lady Carolyn said...

If you look at just the fabric:
#1 needs a stiffer material to do the shape, putting that netting over that to drape would be a bear

#2 & 3 perfect for the fabric actually the silhouettes are similar

#4 sort of like 1 - but would be easier to drape

#5, 6, &7 would all be fantastic in the material and under colors it would be easy to trim in the silver and NV blue.

What would look great on you and give the knock out effect--- #2 & 3-- with the NV blue in flowers neckline, sleeve and maybe an inset in the lining in the top. The trains are killers and would flow every so lovely with the net over the silver #6 is a great contender-- the sleeves would flow ever so lovely with your material. I could see the silver satin and NV blue satin or beading used in front bottom as Marlene suggested. But what I love most about this dress you have a couple of blouses that have this butterfly sleeve effect and they are fantastic on you. Me I would look like a frump - you can carry this dress off and it would be a stand out. Especially using tassels, beading, clips at shoulders - then add the right jewelry-- voila beauty on the red carpet