GBACG Social January 31, 2010

On January 31st, my mom, best friend, and I went a social for the Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild (GBACG). It was a free event for guild members and only $5 for non members. Not everyone dressed up, but of course, Mom and I couldn't resist the opportunity. The social was basically a yearly meeting for members to get together, listen to updates from board members, watch a fashion show, and get some great things from the raffle. Below are my pictures of the event. I will attempt explain costumes of other people, but not all are totally explainable. The GBACG is a guild for costumers. Not historians, per se. So if you are in to costuming, check them out at their website.

Erica fixing a button on my mom's dress.

This lovely lady in a 1500's Tudor style dress sat at our table with us.

A beautiful pink and white stripe polonaise from 1870's (I believe)

My friend, Erica, in my 1905 lawn dress

"Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allan Poe costume. He was part of the fashion show

Queen Titania from Shakespeare's Mid-Summer Night's Dream - she also was part of the fashion show.

A beautiful teal creation from the 1880's

There were quite a few people dressed in this era - from the Regency era, or more comonly known as the Jane Austen era.

My mom in her bodacious hat and sweet dress from the Jane Austen era

Me and my mom - both dressed in our Jane Austen era dresses

A couple of lovely ladies dressed in 1860's era dresses

The one on the left is an 1890's and the one on the right is a 1910's

A wonderful 1910's dress - this is the Titanic era

Another lovely 1890's - I just love the color

My mom and Erica waiting (hoping) for their name to be called for the raffle

A very unique bustle dress.

I made my Spencer jacket and matching bonnet just in time for this event

A rather somber, but very accurate dress from the 1500's

Steampunk - think going punk in a time when there wasn't electricity. Kinda weird, but cool.

I just love this picture. Her skirts are so voluminous they just flow everywhere

We did a quick photo shoot after the event was over. This is me in my 1805 "Jane Austen" dress

Erica in my 1905 lawn dress

Me, Erica, and my mom. Any time is a great time when you get to dress up.

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