Governor's Ball October 30, 2010

Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, NV again hosted their annual Governor's Ball to celebrate Nevada Day. We decided to go and invited several of our friends and family. All told, there were 9 of us who joined in the festivities.

Balls are a good place to meet new and old friends - The couple on the right are friends we brought, the couple on the left are friends of theirs.

Some of our younger friends we brought.

Lining up for a set dance

Doing the Virginia Reel

Chasse down the row

Two hands around

Our young friend waiting for another dance to start.

My husband dancing with our friend who's husband in in Afghanistan right now.

The belles of the ball

Fixing his wheel so he can dance some more.

My beautiful sister-in-law who is wearing her wedding dress, with the addition of the lace bertha to make it more Victorian.

This is the very first historical dress I made for myself, nearly 1o years ago. I pulled it out of the closet and added the autumn embellishments and it feels like an entirely new outfit now.

Right Star

Dancing a quadrille

Awaiting our turn in the quadrille

Now it's our turn

Goofiness abounds

And the goofiness is returned

A rainbow sherbet

Our whole party

Being spoiled

More fun and games to lighten the mood.

Beautiful lady, who doesn't have an escort for the night :(

Unless you count all our husbands who all did their duty and danced with her.

Mr and Mrs Carpenter

Resting our feet at the end of the night. It was a wonderful evening.

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